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Year around roses?

Merry Christmas to all!

My Roses haven't gone dorment yet, they are still budding and producing flowers, and new growth. I know of winter has been mild, and at times the temp will vary. For example, it was 32 this morning, and the temp will rise to the mid 60's or higher sometimes.

My Easter Lilles are trying to come out allready :lol: I guess it is just the tempatures we are getting.

Another related question.

My tree roses are beginning to lose some of the leaves. Is this due to winter or something else?

I have asked Santa Wife (Sharon my lovely bride) for a soil testing kit. So I hope to find one under the tree.

Well, I'm getting my trellace together, so my climbing roses will be ready for spring. The temp is warming up now, it is about 50 outside.

To everyone, have a Merry Chirstmas! (Yes, I said Christmas and not Happy Holliday or Holliday Trees) And remeber the Reason for the Season. :D

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Kev, I'm sure those leaves are winter related. Roses are both temperature and photosensitive, if memory serves, so that would explain it, even if temperatures do not...

Happy Holidays


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Hello Kevin! Good to hear from you. Yes, it is normal for roses to lose their leaves at this time of year. If you read my article in the Rose Care Forum on what the process is for a rose going dormant, you will understand it a bit more.

Glad to see we up here are not the only ones be subjected to the whole PC debate of Christmas!! :roll:

Belated MERRY CHRISTMAS Kevin! :wink:


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