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Decorator bark as mulch under roses?

I've heard that Roses do not like bark as mulch or a weed inhibitor - too acidic?

However, my roses are quite established and I would be adding it to some old 'Black Forest' mulch that is a year old now. My rose garden needs some, I'm in between jobs and got this on sale at OSH; it would be great it I could use it. But if not I'll bite the bullet and go get my usual 'Black Forest' brand from the Nursery.

Can anyone provide me with their experience, thoughts or knowledge in this regard? The product is Earthgro (a division of Scotts), All Natural Bark Mini Nuggets; Ingredients: Forest Products; Mulch. It doesn't have a strong varnish order like some do and it is brown in color like old wood.

Thanks in advance for your help! :)
~ Julie

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