Lighting Roses - 24 Hour Grow Lights Ok?

BE EASY ON ME I AM NEW TO ROSES AND I AM ONLY SEVENTEEN!!!!!!so here is my situation. I got two rose bushes.I clipped 3 stems from each.(at an angle)I planted them in two pots.(3 in each) then I put them under a light 24/ will they be ok like that.they are directly under the light all day and night.(I never cut it off)



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Well T-D, to your specific question, no the lights should not be on 24/7, the same as they would not get daylight 24/7. I would probably only leave them on for about 14 to 16 hours. Am I to assume that this is a grow light you are using? If not, then they are definitely not going to get enough light no matter how many hours they are on!

A couple of other things, when you put your cuttings into the pots, did you make sure there was a node (the knobby part where a leaf would come) well into the soil? Also, there should only be about 1/4" of the stem left below that to prevent rot. Did you use rooting hormone? This would ensure a more likely chance of your clipping taking.

I would also trim off any of the long spindly, leafless branches, as they are just using up energy that would be better used in developing the roots.

I hope this helps, and that you are successful with your roses! Good Luck. :wink:

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Lights aren't a bad idea, but try 14-16 hours. And Val's absolutely right, a full spectrum grow bulb would be better...


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