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what size pots are good for roses to planted in?

Hi all,

I hope everyone is having a Blessed day, Iam counting down to the days I can start gardening My question is. I love roses they are my passion. I have five, unfortunaly I have no more room to plant anymore in my front yard:( my backyard has some shade to patially sun. Iam also looking for roses that can be planted in partial shade, I found a few beautiful english roses. well anyway I would like to plant some in some pots what size are good to plant roses in? I would like to have maybe two on my deck. My husband is planning to get me a tree rose for valentine's Day also and I have no idea what size pot to plant it in? Thank you so much in advance.

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Hi, roses of all kinds are naturally deep rooting so you need deep containers. The best I can say is a minimum of 50cm in depth and 40cm wide. I would try not to go below that. A half barrel might be ideal for your standard (I'm assuming that is what you call 'tree rose'. Of course, I'm sure barrels come in different sizes so you must judge when you see and measure; don't overlook that you will need depth for drainage rubble below your loam mixture and for watering and top dressing above it.
Loamless composts are inadequate for long term shrub planting.

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