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Lilac Transplanted 4 Years Ago - Does not bloom

I transplanted a lilac bush about four years ago and it still hasn't bloomed. what can I do to help get it to flower?


I'm not exactly sure what will help it flower, but I do know that 3 years ago I planted baby lilacs. when I purchased them they had flowered so I knew flowering was possible. the next spring, nothing, however my neighbor said his hadn't flowered ever until that year. Now this spring, I've got no flower again.
it's strange, but I have seen lilacs that flower ever year, so I'm not sure what's going on.

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no bloom here either...

I transplanted 3 years ago too and have had no blooms either. But I don't think my plant has gotten big enough yet either. It has just a couple gangly growths to 5 ft so far but not bush like.

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We had a Lilac that made me doubt it actually was a Lilac. About three or four years went by and we considered cutting it down, but decided to wait. Last year for the first time it blossomed. This year it had many more blossoms. We cut the dead flower heads off. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. Does it help?
I would advise that you leave your Lilac alone and it will finally bloom.

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Lime and lilacs

Hi, I have a "volunteer" lilac which appeared as a small shrub about 6 years ago. It has continued to thrive, but until 3 years ago, no blooms. My daughter suggested that I apply a lot of lime and lo and behold, the next year we got a couple of blooms! I've continued to lime it in a cool, wet time and over the past 3 years we get a few more blossoms each season. I don't pick them, but leave them alone. Is it the lime or time? Don't know, but you might try it! Good luck.

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When you transplant lilacs, they take several years to redo the root system that could have been damaged from the transplant.
Make sure that it has a lot of light and 6-8 hours is the best. Overshading trees are not good. Also, make sure it is a well-drained soil. Lilacs do not do good with 'wet feet'.

If everything seems fine, then you'll have to wait. It can take 5-6 years before it flowers. It needs to be around 3' for a lilac to bloom.

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