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What's eating my Lilac leaves ?

We have 2 Lilacs, one is doing very well which is purple in colour but the other is white in colour, relatively new and about 3ft tall. The leaves on this one are being eaten by some sort of bug making it look distressed.
What is it and how do I sort the problem ? :(

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Re: What's eating my Lilac leaves ?

Hard to know without seeing either the leaves or the bug. If you can catch a pic of the bug, that would be really good for id'ing it. But either way also show some pics of the leaf damage. Different bugs have distinctive kinds of damage they leave.

But you are in UK and I know nothing about what kinds of pests are common where you are. You would be better off to clip a few of the damaged leaves and take it to a good local tree nursery. They can help you way better than I (or most of us here) can.

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