Tinkerbelle Lilac Bushes

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Tinkerbelle Lilac Bushes

Post by timber »

I got some lilac bushes with the intention of planting them along the fence to make it look less of an eye sore. I also bought some honeysuckle climbing vines for other parts of the fence and am waiting for some chocolate vines to come on the next order of a greenhouse nearby.

Parts of the fence are full-sun and others are a little shaded. Where would be the best place to plant the lilacs or can they thrive in both conditions?

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Re: Tinkerbelle Lilac Bushes

Post by luis_pr »

LIlacs do best in alkaline soils with full sun exposure but as you look furhter South, like in my area Tx, they MUST HAVE some protection from the harsh afternoon summer sun. I try to give them a location where they get 5-6 hours of sun in the morning only.

Now full sun is a term that usually implies 6-hours or more of sun. If your "little shaded" areas get at least 6 hours then those places would also be fine. If they get less than 6 but still close to 6, they may still do well but not bloom as well. Unfortunayely, there is only one way to tell for sure if your plan can work and that is to try it slowly. Plant trees in the full sun area and plant a small number of trees (or just one?) in the lightly shaded area to see how they fare? So you could add one to the shaded area on the Spring of Year 1, see how much bloomage you got on Year 2, -if ok- add another on Year 3 and so forth?

Do be aware that during the winter, the fence will be visible since these trees are deciduous.


PS - tell me more about those chocolate vines!

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