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my babies didnt bloom

last year I planted two two foot tall lilacs that we bought from home depot. They get full sun and good soil. They never bloomed this spring, but have good green healthy growth. They have grown several inches so far this summer.
I just bought another one about the same size.
Will these little ones ever produce blooms? Ive seen ones the same size in stores in bloom...why didnt mine?

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Be patient, they are still young and have not been in their current location very long. Sometimes plants spend their first year just getting themselves established. You can give them some fertilizer to encourage them. Make sure to go easy on the Nitrogen as this can encourage lots of foliage at the expense of flowers.

In the practice of growing bonsai it is common practice to remove flowers on young plants as this requires a lot of energy that would otherwise go into the development of the plant.


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