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Borers! How do I get rid of them in my lilac?

I need help! We have a gorgeous lilac out front and I noticed one of the branches was dying, then I noticed the infamous borer's holes. :( ...we cut the dead branch off, but we don't want them ruining the rest of it. What do we do? What insecticide do you recommend?

They are also attacking our young red maple and another tree in our backyard.

Not sure if this is helpful too, but there is a fungus (or something) on the trunks of our's a grey/ teal color...and it seems to be spreading each year.

Any help is beyond appreciated! I don't want to lose our gorgeous trees! :cry:

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Hi Sunny, I think you need to spray with a insecticide suggested in your area. Spraying won't kill the borers already in the cane. You did the right thing by cutting off the canes with bore holes or galls. You could also get Pheromone traps to trick the bugs into confinement.

Make sure your lilacs are watered during dry periods, protecting the cane from phyisical damaged will also help stop borer entry.

Let's see if someone suggests a product they've had good results with.


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