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Sorry if I have posted this wrong. I purchased and planted a lilac bush 2 years ago. It is planted near my front window, we have been told we need to move it as the roots will ruin the foundation of the house Please help I don't want to move it, how far from the house need it be and any other help you can offer

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Hi Dori :)

I really don't think you have to worry about the roots of a lilac affecting your foundations. I have never heard that they cause problems. They are shrubs not trees. What I would worry about is how close to your window you have planted it. They can get quite large unless you have a dwarf form and will sucker as well. You need to have enough space between your house and the Lilac to get these out. Also if it is too close you may get problems with mildew. They need good ventilation around them to stop this.

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