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How to Protect Lilac Bush from Freezing Cold?

My lilac bush is only 3 years old...It started out as 3 yearling branches and is now a small little bush. Last year was its first blossoms and it only had 3. This year it started budding and leaves were growing and it had a TON of flower buds growing on it and now it is snowing and freezing cold. It is only supposed to be in the high 40s low 50's for the next week and I am worried that it is going to die. I have covered it with a sheet but the leaves are curling up and I don't know how to protect it any more. What can I do and will it be ok or is it going to die on me???

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Hi Faith,

Welcome to The Helpful Gardener. Not to worry, your lilac should survive just fine. We had snow here too and the buds were covered. Lilacs like cold weather and covering with a sheet certainly won't hurt it. The leaves curled from the cold temps and should uncurl as soon as the temps warm up.


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