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Root system in Lilac Bush

Please I am desperate. I live on Vancouver Island Canada. I was given a lilac bush for my birthday in May either last year or year before cannot remember. Due to having lilac bushes in the front yard and seeing how they grew I felt confident in planting this new one in the back next to our fence line yet around 5 feet from our septic tank. This bush has gotten just huge and full of beautiful green leaves and new buds yet I am very concered that the root system has gotten into our septic tank. This bush is very happy and healthy compaired to the ones in the front and I am worried that the roots could harm the tank, is that possible. My husband is very close to ripping this beautiful bush out and I really need advice I do not want to loose this beautiful bush yet I will pull it out if you feel that the roots could do harm to the tank. I am unclear if the roots go straight down or spread out? I am unclear on what kind of lilac bush it is yet the trunks are well over 4 inches around and I have 6 stems. Height is well over 10 feet and this bush started about 2 feet a very happy healthy lilac.
Help soon Please

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Hi Meekacat,

I did quite a bit of searching and found nothing that said that lilacs were a problem with septic systems. Here's some helpful sites.

If you need info on how to prune an overgrown lilac just lmk or search the lilac forum.


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I live across the pond in Powell River, and I am in the process of saving my sewer line by pulling out my wife's favorite lilac; they love septic, and will plug yours. I'm not saying you can't just let it grow and clean the roots out of the system every year...

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