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Please help my lilac tree

Not sure the details of our tree but we planted it this between 2 rhodadendrons(sp) bloomed and then remained green for awhile...then all of a sudden it appeared to be burnt..totally brownish orange leaves and branches. I cut a few branches too see if they were green and they were...please help. What can we do? What is it? I read a few sites about lilac diseases and such. Not sure that's what's going on. The 2 plants next to it are fine. We live in Northern Ohio


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If you insert a finger into the soil to a depth of 4", does the soil feel dry, moist or wet? Do this for a week to determine if it needs more water during the summer. Note that the soil should not be wet either. Wet soil for long periods of time causes all kinds of fungal problems.

Do you use mulch? Mulch (3-4 inches) helps lengthen the number of days per watering. A gallon of water per watering applied in early in the morning should be enough. Do not water the leaves but the soil around the base of the lilac bush.

Also check for borer insects that may have drilled into the "main" trunk.

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