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Do Josee Lilacs require high PH soil?

I am going to plant some Josee Lilacs in a garden that has some high PH soil (Fire Pit reminants) at the bottom with a lot of Miricle Grow Garden Soil on top of it. Will this be OK? I'm in Zone 5 near Cleveland and it is going to be in an area with a tone of sun and ample moisture. Will they do well there?

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Lilacs prefer alkaline soil, the opposite of rhodies and azaleas. They will tolerate some acidity so it depends on just how acidic the soil is. pH readings around 6-7 are ok for example but readings much lower than 6 may be a problem.

If the fire piut was used a lot, you may want to consider replacing the top few inches of soil (or amending it a lot) because the burn pile sterilizes that area and you need bacteria to start populating that soil again.

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