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Is my poor Lilac doomed?

We bought our house almost 3 years ago and I hated this lanky, ugly plant on our front corner...until it unveiled those intoxicating blooms and then I fell in love with it and vowed to give it more love.

It's now, of course, 3 years later and I still have no idea how to care for it. I'm not crazy about it's location and I don't think it's very fond of where it's been planted either. It's located in our shady front yard that only gets maybe 2 or 3 hours of decent sun each morning during the summer.

So, here's what I'm working with:
This was taken on 3/19/09 at around 8am (when it gets good sun)
And here it is in bloom 5/16/09

At this point, I'm afraid I may only have three options: (1.) Let it grow and harvest all the suckers I can and hope one takes...if so, it's out with the mother plant (2.) Get advice on how to prune it properly and baby the heck outta it and hope it makes it where it is...or...(3.) Carefully dig it up, move it to the best location I can find and hope for the best.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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