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Fungus treatment?

Hello again. I was weeding yesterday and noticed that my two lilacs are being attacked by some sort of fungus. The fungus seems to creep up from the bottom of a trunk with the start of a little discoloration. The fruit of the fungus is most apparent on the largest trunk affected (which is the picture I show). I did not have the chance to see how the leaves dropped or how long it took, but the leaves on the effected trunks/branches are all gone. I removed most of the effected parts and inside was all dead wood. Is there any chance of saving the rest of the plant? What can I do?



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The fungus does not look familiar to me but it makes me wonder which came first? Did the fungus develop when the branches were fine or after they dried out? Can you take a sample in a sealed transparent plastic envelope to an extension service office for identification?

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I don't know the exact name of the fungus in your picture, but I have seen very similar stuff growing on trees in northwest forests. The fungus grows on wood that is dead or dying. I don't think it is responsible for killing the wood where it grows.

It closely resembles the shelf fungi. It may, in fact, be a shelf fungus, but if not, it's a close relative of them. :)

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