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Strange diseased Japanese Lilac

Any imput is appreciated for this. Last year, I noticed the leaves on my Japanese lilac were WEIRD. No spots, they remained green and alive, just shrivled. There is a strange coloration on the bark of the trunks but I don't know if its normal, related to the leaves or something else entirely.
This spring, some branches have NO new leaves and I was able to snap them off bare handed. Others have leaves and looks like I will have some blooms (blooms every 2 years).
The base leaves are looking better than the last, but a lot of them are still showing shriveling. The top of the tree looks worse for wear with very little leaves sprouting and those that do look pretty shriveled…


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Re: Strange diseased Japanese Lilac

I do have some experience with lilacs. I once experienced leaf curl issues after having applied too much fertilizer to the surrounding grass.
I think that the growths on the bark are not a concern. I cannot say for sure, but I think that that is just lichens.
Since I am not an expert, please continue to look for answers.
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