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ID purple flowers, and are they dying...

n a nutshell, bought my first home, decent size garden and I've found my self enjoying gardening which I never thought would happen!

I'm obviously new to gardening and looking after flowers etc, but I feel as though these are dying... I'm not sure what type they are as I've thrown the card away and the pots theyre in didn't have drainage holes so last night I put a few holes in each one. How do these looK?

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Re: ID purple flowers, and are they dying...

My wife has some of these on the back porch, but I can't remember the name of the plant. They look fine to me, but you will likely want to deadhead the dying flowers as they fade. By deadheading, I mean to simply pop the dead and dying flowerd off the stem to encourage more flowering to take place.

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Re: ID purple flowers, and are they dying...

Probably asters, one of the classic fall flowers. With the right care, they are perennials and would come back next year. They would do better planted in the ground than in the pots. Gumbo is right about keeping it deadheaded in order to keep it producing more flowers.

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Re: ID purple flowers, and are they dying...

Those cards/labels that come with plants are pretty important and informative since good ones try to pack a lot of information and growing instructions on the little space, not to mention the name and variety of the plant. I keep them even after the plant has died sometimes to remember which ones I liked and which ones I didn't.

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