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What Tropical-looking Flower is this? (Australia)

I live in Western Australia and some flowers have started to blossom in my back yard. They seem to only last a day or two before wilting and I was curious if someone could identify it. It seems to be very similar to the Rose of Sharon, a hibiscus, although I can't seem to find an image of one that looks like this.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys!


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Re: What Flower is this?

I looked at the image and thought of a hibiscus. But I read that you already thought about that.

Looks so beautiful though!
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Re: What Flower is this?

definitely malvaceae family. looks a little like abutilon, but not quite right there either.

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Re: What Tropical-looking Flower is this? (Australia)

Hibiscus mutabilis ???
Hibiscus_mutabilis--Forest-and-Kim-Star--CC-BY copy.jpg

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