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Mysterious conifer

Hi there!

During a garden visit in Kyoto I came across a beautifully pruned conifer. I asked what species that was, but couldn't get a scientific name.

Its parts smells nicely (they compared it to the sandalwood).
I attached the pictures of the specimen and a small sample I've got. I'm aware it's not much, but if you have a clue please let me know so that I will research and verify it!

Thank you, G

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Re: Mysterious conifer

it's a cedar, pretty comparable to our white cedar - i don't know if they have more cedar species there that i don't know yet.

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Re: Mysterious conifer

I would say Thuya for sure...
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Re: Mysterious conifer

I think it might be a dwarf cypress. It is used as a bonsai tree and has those flattened fern like leaves. There are different varieties and they do have a fragrance. Goldcrest is a lemon scented dwarf cypress
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Re: Mysterious conifer

This is definitely an arborvitae, but I can't tell what species.
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