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Help Identifying Tree

Could kind could help me identify this tree which we have found in the garden

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Re: Help Identifying Tree

:D Hi Suzannah, I'm new here, too, but I see you haven't had any responses yet. This picture might make it a bit tough for people to respond. You might want to post a few more: pick a leaf, close-up of bark. Am I seeing green younger branches? I find the texts on identifying trees somewhat daunting, but the basic info used to narrow down are: description of leaf shape, alternate/opposite veining, appearance of bark, temporal order of flowering, leafing (did flowers come first, or has this tree yet to flower based on picture). Just offhand, this looks like a forsythia, but that's not a tree. Good luck. :D

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Re: Help Identifying Tree

And forsythia is one of those that has blooms before leaves, so to have new leaves like this, it would still have at least a few blossoms around.

It always helps to tell us where you are. There are hardly any garden questions that can be discussed without regard to location/ climate. For example honeysuckle in my area is in full bloom. So if you are anywhere near me, that isn't honeysuckle because it isn't blooming yet. But if you are a good bit north of me, it might be.

Honeysuckle does get its new leaves in bunches like that:


and it leafs out before it blooms.
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Re: Help Identifying Tree

tough from that picture. if we could get a couple in-focus close-ups of the bark and the leaves, we'd be in business. first impression is one of the shrubbier dogwoods, but it really could be almost anything.

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Re: Help Identifying Tree

Looks like some type of willow to me.

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