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What kind of Weed is this? How to remove it?

Hi, Does anyone know what weed this is (see attached pictures)? It's spreading very quickly across my parents garden and I'm looking into ways to remove it for them. It seems to have a network of roots under the earth so after seemingly pulling it out shoots come back a few weeks later. The patch it occupied doubled in size last year and now it's spring again I'm keen to remove it before it starts to rapidly expand again. Many thanks, Nick

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Re: Weed Help

Bishopweed. One hard plant to get rid of. You have to dig it out with all the roots, repeating this process may be needed since its hard to get all of the roots out. Or constantly mowing them down will eventually work too, but this may take a few years and mostly work if its a lawn area or such they inhabited. Planting a more desired ground cover is also a good way to go.

My neighbour tried to kill a patch with several strong treatments of RoundUp... They are bigger and meaner than ever before after thoose treatments, its one hard plant to kill.

Also important you don't let them flower or they may spread even faster, and to new parts of the garden. I still havnt got rid of them completely.

Its supposed to be edible, but my tastebuds does not agree.
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Re: Weed Help

Many thanks for your quickly reply! Very helpful thanks :)

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Re: What kind of Weed is this? How to remove it?

Round up will work but you have to do repeat treatments and you need to prevent it from reseeding. Round up does not kill seeds so you will need to round up and water and let the seeds sprout and keep killing them until they are all gone. Some weeds with deep taproots will keep coming back unless you can get all of the root out. The more you dig the more you break it up and the worse it gets.
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