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Help! What is this flower?

Bought this bouquet filler at our local grocer in Berkeley, CA and I can't figure out what it is! The green sprigs with little white buds - not the daisies :) There was no name on the packaging and I forgot to check the bin before I left the store. The sprigs came with no leaves and tiny white flower buds. The tiny white flowers have 5 uneven sized petals with small purple/reddish spots on the largest petal.
Thank you so much in advance!

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Re: Help! What is this flower?

It looks like they are some kind of shrub stems. Are the flowers pea-like?

I'm thinking of one with yellow flowers -- that might not be it... But maybe close.
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Re: Help! What is this flower?

I think AppleStar is on to something.

There are more than one in the group but, I guess, it's an introduced invasive in California ... so, go out and get as much of it as you can before it goes to seed ;)!

Do a Google search for Genista and Bridal veil broom and see what you think.

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