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Is this a moss or lichen?


There are a few types of moss and/or lichen on the property here. I've been interested in collecting them for perhaps some terrariums I am going to set up. Anyway, the first one I am not sure if it is a moss or lichen. The 2nd one grows on lots of plants and trees. It hangs on lots of oak trees in the area but attaches to other plants/trees too. I am wondering if it may be parasitic in some way. Because every plant/tree I see with this moss on it seems to be in poor health or dying. Thanks

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First one is lichen.
Second beard-like one I think is Spanish moss.

I remember being enchanted by seeing them all over trees near Williamsburg. They don't survive the winters here.
Spanish moss - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The plant's specific name usneoides means "resembling Usnea", and it indeed closely resembles its namesake Usnea, also known as beard lichen, but in fact Spanish moss is neither a moss nor a lichen. Instead, it is a flowering plant (angiosperm) in the family Bromeliaceae (the bromeliads

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I have spanish moss on the trees and the fence. It likes to be watered daily but does not need any fertilizer or soil.

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