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Identify Yellow Mold/Fungus? Concerned for my plants

Hello! Today I found a yellow fungus or mold growing sporadically in clumps on top of soil that is home to some succulents. They are in a pot outside. The soil is damp, but I only water about once a week if it's not been raining. I had medium-sized rocks on top of the soil, which the fungus/mold was growing under. I've removed them from the entire pot.

I know that some fungus is okay for plants and some isn't. I've attached a photo of it, which you can click on to get a larger version of the image.

I'd like to know what it is, if it's good/bad, and how to safely get rid of it.

Thank you!


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Re: Identify Yellow Mold/Fungus? Concerned for my plants

I think it is a fungus that is growing on the mulch, which helps in its decay. It is not harmful, but does indicate that more moisture is present than you think. That is a succulent, so it doesn't need much water, but lots of bright light. That will also, take care of the fungus/mold.

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Re: Identify Yellow Mold/Fungus? Concerned for my plants

Agree, normal decomposition of woody material, which causes ever-increasing moisture retention. If you're going to have cold temps over winter, that could be a deadly combo.

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