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Anyone know the name of this houseplant??


I bought this plant about a month ago. I have fertilized it twice with liquid fish fertilizer and have sprayed/misted it on most days. It gets bright indirect light mostly but sometimes I leave the blinds open and it will get some sun for short periods. Anyway, it seems to be really happy. It has sent out 4 new leaves and has gotten taller and wider. I may even need to repot it in the future. Does anyone happen to know what it is called??

Thank you

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Re: Anyone know the name of this houseplant??

It looks like a type of maranta but with coloring I've not seen before. 8)
Good job making it happy. It does look very healthy. :D

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Re: Anyone know the name of this houseplant??

That or Calathea roseopicta. Both have reputations as humidity divas.

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Re: Anyone know the name of this houseplant??

They are tropical plants. We grow them outdoors in shady spots under the trees with high dense canopies. The flowers are inconspicuous and they are grown for their variegated leaves. They should be kept out of the wind or the leaves get torn up.
They like to be constantly moist and lots of humidity.

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