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"Hugs and Kisses"?

Photo Oct 19, 4 29 17 PM.jpg
I just received cuttings of a plant from a friend and she told me she got it when she was in Italy and it will bloom tiny red flowers. She said it was called or nicknamed "hugs and kisses".
I have googled and searched and could not find anything. The photos are probably too early to tell but maybe someone out here can help me figure it out? The type of leaf? The parent plant she cut this from also cascaded a bit over the pot but I'm not sure if that is the nature of this plant or if it was leaning towards the light.

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Re: "Hugs and Kisses"?

There's a Dahlia called that but it doesn't look like it has small red flowers. To me it looks like a lipstick plant I once had, but it probably isn't.
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