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Help Identifying Plants at a New Home

Hello all, my name is Matt and I'm new to the forum. My fiance and I just moved into a new home in Nashua, NH and we have inherited a sprawling variety of plants and flowers from the previous owner which now adorn our yard. As first time homeowners we know next to nothing about horticulture, and so I'm hoping the kind folks on this forum will be able to assist me in identifying my new foliage and perhaps provide some tips on how to care for particular plants.

All images can be found here (let me know if the link does not work):

You can reference the images by number in your reply(s). With respect to all pics, I'm interested in:

1. What it is
2. How to care for it
3. What kind of wildlife it will attract (or similar notes of interest)

Thanks in advance to everyone who finds the time to lend me a helping hand in identifying these plants!

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oof, that's a lot of stuff. first time through, I'm just gonna throw out my guesses for the things I have good guesses for:

2: main things seems to be roses
3 daylilies
7 sedum
9 dark green leafy stuff at left is comfrey
12 comfrey
13 viburnum of some sort?
15 hydrangia
16 blue spruce
17 daylilies (and a little volunteer poke!)
22 probably forsythia
23 eastern hemlock
25 hosta
26 there's hostas, daylilies, and maybe seedling hemlock there
27 hosta
30 platycodon/balloonflower?
31 roses
32 most obvious to me is a seedling hickory
33 lamb's ear
35 monarda/bee balm
40 peony
41 same
42 fern (ostrich?)
44 creeping phlox
48 irises with wintergreen under
49 rhododendron by the steps
50 geranium
52 some kind of probably clumping bamboo, with hosta to the right
53 that hosta
54 oregano? what's it smell like crushed between your fingers?
55 hosta
59 probably youngish hickory?

that's all I've got for now.
I feel like I saw some veronica in there too somewhere...

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1. Wax Myrtle?

4. Whitish flower, maybe Honeysuckle?

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you make it more tedious for people having so many pictures of the same stuff.

For some reason it came up in reverse order for me, so here's my list

62 roses
61 day lilies
60 lots of stuff, peony in top right corner
59 sedum L of center, comfrey behind it, daylilies left of it
lambs ear R of center, low
58 lambs ears
57 sedum
56 sedum, daylilies, peony
55 dark green = comfrey, purple is maybe plum tree or sand cherry
52 comfrey
51 the plum or cherry tree
49 hydrangea
47 L to R hydrangea, day lily, prostrate juniper
46 daylily, probably Stella de Oro
45 prostrate/ creeping juniper
44 I think the shrubs in foreground are just japanese honeysuckle an exotic invasive
41-43 the honeysuckle
39 the honeysuckle
38 the green with white edging is hosta, the tall plants with red ball flowers
on top right are bee balm
37 probably a mini hosta
36 more day lily with more hosta behind it
35 hosta
33 the yellow green is tiarella/ foam flower
32 bell flowers or open balloon flowers
29 more lambs ears
27 more bee balm
26 more tiarella
22 more peony in foreground
21 peony
20 some kind of fern
14 iris
12 geranium
9 more hosta
7 more hosta

I was getting pretty tired of it before the end...

But lucky you to inherit such a beautiful and beautifully tended garden!

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Thanks so much for the assistance guys--tons of great info here! We inherited such a massive sprawling garden--this is actually only the front yard! Keep the IDs coming, I really appreciate the help!

rainbowgardener - I'll try to remove duplicates to make things easier; thanks for the tip. For the most part pics of the same plant are probably the same type in a different location and I simply don't know the comparison well enough to be confident in the match.

Best Regards!


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Suggestion: if you need further plants identified, please group them into lists of ten or fewer plants. Longer lists, as you've seen, attract fewer respondents. A shorter list may attract information on plant care as well as the bare minimum: its name.

Something I did when I moved into this house was hire a local professional gardener for 1 hour to walk around our lot (only 50' x 100', but still many unknown-to-me plants) and tell me what the plants were, both common and scientific names. I wrote them down on a little sketch map and then looked them up in the Sunset Western Garden Book, an excellent reference for the western U.S. and Canada. There's bound to be something similar for the rest of the U.S....maybe...the Internet? :lol: Anyway, said gardener was able to tell me whether the plants were in good groupings, esp. w/regard to their need for water and sunlight.

Cynthia H.
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Fantastic Suggestion Cynthia; I'll definitely look into getting a pro for the names and a book for reference. I'll certainly edit down into smaller groupings when I have a moment and give it another go. :)

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