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Mystery euphorbia

Hi there, can anyone identify this euphorbia for me? I inherited it and have no idea what it is!



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I've seen both of the plants in that pot but I can't recall what they are. I'll look through a plant book I have and get back to you if I find it.

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Look cool, but I don't know the correct second name... :(
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There are over 2000 different Euphorbia, and that doesn't include cultivars. I have several that I lost contact with tags/names and have struggled to rename. It is pretty common for one to come into production and then become rare to find because it is "replaced" with a suposed superior plant that is very similar. Good luck.
By the way Beecmcbeil, those aren't two plants in the pot. That is the leaf and bract (looks like bloom) of the Euphorbia.

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