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Help identifying a plant

Well, I need help identifying a plant... just started gardening due to stress; navigating this site has turned out to b stressful. If anyone can help identify this, I'd appreciate it.



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Definitely Canna, though Cannas are not lilies and more closely related to gingers and bananas.

Being that they're coming up amidst established plants, I'll take it that this porperty/land is new to you and you did not purchase the plants. Most references have Cannas as being hardy to zone 8, which would be mostly coastal NC. Some references have Canna to 7b, which would be mostly the eastern half of your state. SOOooo... if you're on the coast, you probably do not have to worry about digging them up. If you're in the eastern half of NC, you may not have to worry about digging them up (but probably should). Otherwise, you should consider yourself lucky that they've overwintered and dig them up this year. Cripes, how do I know so much about Cannas? They're one of my favorite (along with Gingers and Bananas) plants that I can't keep without a lot of added effort.

BTW, are those Trident maples in behind the Cannas?

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