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Who can tell me what this is?

My mom bought this at a local nursery a few years ago and I guess it didn't have a tag as she's never known what it is. She wants to get a few more however because when flowering like this it smells GLORIOUS. It's a very powerful, sweet scent that you can smell a very large distance away.

I'd like to ID it so I can maybe buy a few and surprise her for her birthday. Thanks!


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It looks like the vibernum that grows by the walk to our door.
The fragrance is heavenly!

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You could try ground layering to make more. Late spring/early summer when the shrub is in vigorous growth is a good time to start, though I just buried an unruly blueberry branch yesterday. I posted a brief description here:

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Yup, some kind of viburnum. There are lots of different varieties of them. If that one has been planted a few years, it is likely one of the dwarf varieties.

It is one of my all-time favorite shrubs... as you said, so fragrant one shrub will perfume your garden. Then later it gets berries that birds like, and in the fall it gets fall foliage color.
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It looks like Korean Spice Viburnum.

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I knew I came to the right place. Thanks everyone.
WildcatNurseryman wrote:It looks like Korean Spice Viburnum.
A bit of google image searching for 'viburnum' led me to the same conclusion. Success!

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