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2 tropical-looking plants.. What are they?

My grandma gave me these 2 large tropical houseplants.. I've had them for a month or so & I absolutely love them, but I'd like to know what they're called and how to care for them better... Both of them have a lot of new growth so I guess I'm doing something right:) My friend guessed a money tree and an elephant ear plant, but I googled money tree and it looks nothing like it... .


I'm not sure how to get a picture on here but that should link to the Photobucket album the pictures are in

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Here's the link to them:


Because they aren't my pictures, I couldn't get the img code. If you click on your picture, under it there should be various codes. Just copy the img code and paste it in here and your picture will show here.

The first one is a schefflera (umbrella tree)

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Looks like a swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa).


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