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fast spreading viney creeping weed

my lawn has got this spreading creeper that spilling into my gardens. last year I hand pulled for hours but it has crept back even though the gardens are sleeping still this is coming to life. It is crowding out my phlox and killing some others. I know I first have to control my lawn but want to do what is best for the envirement but want to rid this completly. I live in central Maine. The lawns have not started but already I see this spreading. It is reddish brown now but will turn green , low and very rooty. It sends leafy runners out like crazy really making a mess of a perennial. Should I dig this main area out of the lawn 4x4. and try to save my flowers or do my flowers need to be pulled up as well? :(

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Boy it sounds like chickweed and the best answer to that problem is to just pull it; it should come easily and getting it before flowers is a must...


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