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Building a Green House.

Angle of sun Dec 21 is at its lowest point 34 degrees at our geographical location. Jan & Nov sun is at 37 degrees. Feb & Oct sun is at 46 degrees. March & Sept 56 deg. April 68 deg.

Green house will be 9 feet wide drawing shows front 1/2 of the roof south side needs to be glass but the back 1/2 can be plywood with roofing shingles. South wall will be all glass. North wall plywood, black color on inside. East and west wall only needs to be glass on front 1/3 with a glass window door in the center. 3 ft of growing space full length of front and rear wall with a 3 ft row to walk down the center. Length of green house will be 12 to 14 feet depends on if I can buy more glass at a reasonable price.

Green house will only be used for winter crops probably Oct 1st to April 20 to grow cold weather plants.

I can plant, onions, garlic, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, Swiss Chard, carrots, Napa, Cabbage.

If I don't plant crops that freeze above 20 degrees heater thermostat can be set at 23 degrees many nights electric heat will never come on.

I have 28 windows. They are not double insulated so not a good choice for a winter green house. If I could find sliding patio door glass that would be perfect but patio doors are not popular anymore glass is hard to find.

Back wall & front wall 3 feet up from floor will have a seed growing shelf about 6 inches wide for plant trays. Maybe it will be better to start seeds in the floor soil then transplant them to the garden.

No raised beds all plants in soil on the earth 3'x14' front & rear. Plenty of room for lots of plants.

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