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This is my idea of a green house.

I wish I had a green house large enough to cover the whole house and yard too.


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I've seen that one before. Maybe a photo from Sweden? Anyhow, used for passive solar heating, too. Great idea for a lot of things but not so hot for books, antiques or expensive wood furniture, extensive textile use of tapestry, carpets, upholstery and drapes. I'm sure it can be done in other climes, but I think I'd have to have humidity sensors throughout. I have a friend in an upscale neighborhood of Boston 'burbs who has an old house. His background allowed him to do a lot of the custom refitting of it including heated slate floor in one area, skylights that vent with humidity sensors from inside and rain sensors from outside and hybrid solar heating. He's now thinking he may replace the driveway with brick and have it wired for snow melt.

If I recall correctly, this house in your picture had some interesting effects. I'd imagine there would be snow melt around the perimeter of the glass, and not likely any on the roof. Inside the enclosure was not heavily planted, but they did have subtropical stuff. I probably came across the photo because I've had an interest in replacing doubling up on roofing, more specifically green roof, but also pergolas over the entire house. That's a problem where I am because of the threat of hurricanes, but I still really like the idea. I'm sure there are some in Florida, but the only one I know of is a fellow who built a home and hilled up fill and soil and greenery over top of it. He's remote enough that his daughter said he used RO water. Cut way down on HVAC needs.

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SIGH :!: :!: :!:

Seriously jealous.

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Then check out Tomf's greenhouse in "Non gardening related hoo-ha and foo". It is a thing of beauty.

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I've seen this one: ... ircle.html. What an amazing idea!!! I love people who do not follow the crowd and think outside the box.

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