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Watering and air flow in polytunnel during cold days

Hi there,

I have 2 questions regarding polytunnels:

1. I have planted some spinach, carrots, lettuce seeds, and some onion small heads (no idea what the official name is) in a plastic poly tunnel ( a month ago. Onions and spinach have all germinated and are growing quite well although slowly. What I wanted to ask is how often should I water these vegetables during this season? it has been raining quite a lot lately and if I dig a bit the land is still moist. I am just not sure how should I go about watering (how often) during late winter/early spring in a polytunnel?

2. How often should I leave the door open during cold days (0-8 celcisus)? I am mostly leaving it closed but there a lot of water droplets in the polytunnel "roof". I am not sure if that is having a bad effect on vegetable growth.

Any advice will be highly valuable.


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I would monitor the ground and as long as you find moisture a couple inches down, I would leave it. Especially if you have lots of condensation. I would open your tunnel some if you can for at least a few hours for air flow. Especially if it is above freezing.

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