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My first greenhouse. Built from recycled materials.


Hey hows it going. Building my first greenhouse and I'm hoping to get some input on how to lay it out. Its a simple 8x10 structure. Approx 6' of headroom in the back, 8' in the front. My entire property has a decent slope to it. I havent the time, equipment, nor desire to level this spot :-P I'm guessing I can use this slope to my advantage for the drip irrigation system.

I'm out in the sticks, and don't have water at my property. I have access to a couple wells within a couple minutes each. I also have a couple lakes I can pump water from that are minutes away. Ill probably have a 55 gallon drum 8' off the ground gravity feeding to my drip irrigation.

I'm hoping those that have greenhouses will lend me advice on how to lay my greenhouse out to get the most out of the space. I'm thinking a potting bench down the right side, and my seedling starter shelving along the back wall. Then making a 3' wide bed down the left side. Lots of wild life out here and I'm thinking I might grow my strawberries in the greenhouse.

The roof is a recycled pontoon boat roof. I removed the metal roofing and plan on using some nylon woven plastic sheeting I have. Strong stuff. Maybe next year ill upgrade to the polycarbonate sheeting, but for now plastic will do. Ive got abunch of old wooden window sashes I plan on using for the side walls. The 6 main posts are made from trees I removed to build the cabin. The 4 corners are concreted in. I have abunch of salvaged bricks I plan on running around the bottom border. Then ill fill the inside with creek gravel. The door I plan on using is an old storm door. Just a plain clear glass door. The back wall I plan on framing with plywood that I have left over.

I'm curious as to what types of vents people are using. It gets hot and humid and the sun is intense in the summer. I'm planning on a 12" strip top and bottom of screen for ventilation, and some type of fan. Might even frame a box fan into the back wall to draw air from the shady area.

I appreciate any advice!! Please excuse the childlike construction appearance. I promise itll look nice when its complete :-P

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Re: My first greenhouse. Built from recycled materials.

Where do you live? Depends on how you get how much ventilation you need. Also how much full sun that will hit the greenhouse by the look of the location you seem to not be in full sun all day atleast. Here in sweden we mostly use automatic gasfilled window openers, but I'm guessing may get to hot for you this way. If not they are very simple and does not use any power.

Looks like this:
By the way I do like the natural posts, I can see that I can come out looking really nice.

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