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My 6'x8' Greenhouse

It was in the 50's today so I decided to check out my greenhouse and start prepping it for the spring.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oULtoarq ... LSLllaiusg

Once I start moving plants into the greenhouse and the spring/summer progresses I will post updates in this thread.

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Re: My 6'x8' Greenhouse

Even though you have a greenhouse most small greenhouses will not protect plants when it goes down to even 20 without heat at night. To help with this I suggest you put at least 50 gallons of water in it for heat storage! This will maintain a above freezing temp inside even if it goes down to 20. It will also help with the high temps by absorbing some of the excess heat! I know that is a small greenhouse but you can use the 50 gallon drum for a table!
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