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Will it work?

Or too dangerous? I need a better source of heat in my greenhouse. I am considering using this old fireplace insert and convert it into a free standing stove. Of course, I will have to cut away some of my work space, and will have to attach a three wall pipe flue, using a rectangle to round transition piece. Also, I am thinking that some three foot protective walls on three sides would be helpful. Will it work?


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Re: Will it work?

It will work very well. You know that concrete sections, they sell them at Home Depot and Lowes. They are 1/2" or 3/4". Come in 2'X4' sheets. You need a piece on each side to defer direct heat, I think, then it will be great.


You might need a thin section on the way up to protect the glass from the stove pipe heat, depending on how close it is. If you use single wall pipe you will get more heat from the pipe.

You could kick forward with an Ell then it will be far enough from the window.

Let us know what you decide and do.

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