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Greenhouse Temps for veggies?

I saw a post here that suggested that 65 - 85 degrees inside a greenhouse is the correct temp for them. So, now that mine is complete ( but still needs a fan ), I hung a cooking oil thermometer in mine and the temp read 122 degrees. It is 87 degrees outside today with no clouds.

I have my starts in there right now, but only for about an hour, or so. I have been hardening them off for the last several days.

Even when I get a fan in, it seems like on 90 degree days, it will be still super hot in there. Is this going to be an issue?

The window and the door are wide open right now.

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>>Is this going to be an issue?

in a word, yes.

pretty much all veggies / fruits have a temperature range for successful pollination.
a "naked" greenhouse is very apt to exceed those.

"naked" - ? look into some method of shading the greenhouse from full solar - shade cloth, trees, etc.

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yeah, I am in the same boat, but my fan has helped me out

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