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2 x4 greenhouse....

Has any one built a greenhouse hammering 2x4's in the ground and bending them together?

I've heard this was an easy way to do it.

You cover the boards with plastic and its done.sounds easy enough...

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I'm not sure exactly what your saying with "Bending them together", but for a super simple "greenhouse", I used PVC shaped the way I wanted and covered in the film. The benefit was I could take it apart as soon as I no longer needed it. I used REALLY heavy PVC, but that's not really needed. As long as it won't blow away, you're good. I tied mine to cement blocks last year.

This year, I built a 7" x 8" ( approx ) greenhouse that is pretty much like Indy Gerdner's. Well, it's built, but today I will cover it in film. His thread is in the seed starting area of the forum.

Good luck!

Here is a link: ... 50&t=51007

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um.... Bending 2X4's? sounds like someone is looking for the board stretcher!!

All jokes aside, Can you explain a little more what you were thinking

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30 years ago I use 2x4 to build an A frame green house. It was so easy to build. I covered it with polyethylene clear plastic. It was hot inside as long as the wind was not blowing. Blowing wind moved the plastic back and forth is sucked all the hot air out like a bellows. After one year sun light destroyed the plastic.

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"Bend" 2x4 ?? :?:

What you are talking about building sounds like hoop house, which is very easily done with PVC. I make mini ones just by putting plastic over the wire frames that political yard signs come on.

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