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We sure lucked out and saved $$$

Mike was talking to a friend about building the greenhouse. His buddy asked him what size and, when Mike told him, he said come on out to my place I think I have enough trusses for your roof! He did! Plus he gave Mike enough fiberglass roofing for the north side of the roof. We had some windows from remodeling our house, our contractor neighbor had broken a corner of the flange on a new glass sliding door and gave it to us, another friend gave us 2 glass sliding door panels and we bought 1 used window for $15.00! All the glass is insulated. The total cost of the greenhouse is $270 plus whatever the clear ridged greenhouse roofing for 1/2 the roof will be and OSB for siding the north side. The greenhouse is 10 x 18 feet. I think we need to have a bar-b-que for all the people that have helped us so much!

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That is a great help!!!

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Hey Green Thumb, sounds like you and I are a lot alike! My Mike took an old Costco garage tent that we had used for a backyard wedding and converted it to a greenhouse for me. We had an old door and window from a remodeling project. The biggest expense for us was the landscaping blocks that we used for the perimeter and to hold the frame. Because we are getting older, we wanted to make it as low maintenance as possible, so invested in the landscaping blocks. We get cold winters here, so it is a three season greenhouse. I am still learning how to best use it, but it sure is fun. I have attached a little picture of it, and would like to see a picture of yours if it is possible.
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