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Growing starts from seed in my garage?

My wife and I are thinking about starting vegetables from seed in our garage early next year and taking the starts to the farmer's market.

I have the space and I have lighting, but my biggest concern is heat. It will still be somewhat cold that time of year. Anyone have thoughts on a very inexpensive heat source? Maybe heating cables or something similar?

Any other thoughts or concerns would be great!

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Lots of information in the [url=]Seed Starting Forum[/url]

This is one option [url=]Propagation Chamber[/url]


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You are in the midwest. I am in Mo and I start all my plants in a cold basement with on heat vent. Trust me that single heat vent doesn't do a whole lot. :lol: But I manage I even put a small oil filled heater kind of like the old style radiator heaters in houses if you get my drift. It doens't get real warm but may take it up a few degrees.

Be carefull with any heat sources. I have had a heating pad not like MarlinG's but a seedling heat mat almost burn my house down this summer as well as a 4 bulb shop light I have used for a long time that got hot enough to turn off and not use anymore. Don't mean to scare you but just be careful.

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As long as it doesn't freeze, the air doesn't have to be real warm, just the soil. I use the same heating pads as MarlinG. I've also had mine for years. The newer ones tend to have automatic timed cut off, you don't want that.

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