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My greenhouse wants to know is this Pa. or Florida!

Heat is worse than cold when its to early to keep plants outside especially when your greenhouse is 50 miles away! Ya the temp has been up over 120 a few times in the greenhouse even with my inside fans on!. Water water all the time so my friend has to do it till I get there on the weekend! This week I will open it up big time to the outside! Has anyone else had problems with this heat coming too early?
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Definitely, at least for the greenhouse. It's those sunny. No clouds, intense heat days that we do not usually see until May or sometimes,June.
I have a shade cloth, but wasn't expecting to use it in march.
At least our weather is boing to cool a little back into the 60's instead of 80 or 85. As my Granddaughter said, this is going to mix up nature!

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