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Problem With Sliding Glass Panels in Greenhouse

I have a 15x26 foot greenhouse all glass. It's single pane and has been moved 2 times now.




The glass is slipping about 1 inch on allot of panels on the peek slopes. It was fine until we had some very very hot days. We probably didn't screw the little metal strips on tight enough. I was wondering if anyone had experience like this before or if someone knows a good greenhouse message board to direct me to.

We took every glass out in order to move it and broke many of the panes to do it. We really don't want to do that again because each piece is overlapped like shingles and you have to take many rows out to get to the problem panes. We thought we maybe could make a T shaped tool with long handle and put something like thin styro on the T part of the tool. Then on a very hot day sort of push it up back into place after unscrewing the metal strip beforehand, then screw the metal strip on tighter.

It's going to be a real pain in the neck and maybe costly. Hoping someone has another answer that would be easier and less likely to have glass breakage. PLEASE?

Barb in Pa.

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Cover the inside of the greenhouse with a 3 mill layer of plastic! You could also just cover the problem area insie the greenhouse with a thin plexiglass glued to the glass with a clear jell!

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there's little clips you can install at the glass overlap - but of course, you have to start at the bottom.....


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