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Filling my solar greenhouse with everything I can dig up!

Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:39 pm
by Bobberman
You would be suprised what you can transfer to a green house in a 5 gallon bucket! Flowers cosmos, marigolds and any booming flower I dig up and put insmaller pots for the winter! Impatiants if kelp all winter in the spring can be cut and 20 cuts per plant! Peppers can be dug up below the roots without harming the plant when the ground is wet! I moved several bright lights swiss chart that will florish in the cool 30 to 50 degree winter greenhouse!
+++ I am also starting seeds early like lettuce broccoli and many others now! I am cutting the brown limbs off the tomatoes I moved into the greenhouse and they are doing well with small tomatoes getting larger! I have all the plants stood up against a north wall that is bright white styrofoam 2 inches thick! I am also utting perlite over the dirt n each contaner to reflect more light up on the plants! I am also going to have a mild light on several hours every night! We will see what happens!

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 12:12 am
by Bobberman
Everything is growing great esecially my swiss chart and nasturtiums which have nice flowers and big leaves! Peppers and tomato are getting rip slowly! I hope I can keep them all winter without any other heat except for the water drums and some other heat storage materials! it was 15 this past week and my inside temp was about 30 to 32 with water temp 45!
It got really cold for a week below 12 .. The barrels were half froze but the inside temp stayed around 28 and nothing froze. I was confused why till I started thinking about how water gives off lots of heat before it freezes!