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Alaska Green House cucumbers

Since I have to grow cucs in a Green House here. Next year I plan on trying
parthenocarpic cucumbers:: (seedless, no pollination needed)
Sweet Success is on the top of the list so far, Camilla a close 2nd.
I spend time every day searching out females & pollenating,
Am getting to be a good pollinator but I alway miss a few females
or sometimes have no male blooms for pollen.
This year I'm growing a (beta alpha) Gynoecious variety ( produce mostly female flowers) with 2 normal monoecious variety for male blooms (& fewer females) for a pollinator.

Beta-Alpha: (mostly females )

Pollinator: mostly males (but a few females)

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Two months later. How goes the cucumbers?

The first summer after building my greenhouse I grew cucumbers. I have forgotten what variety. Probably Marketmore or Alibi. If I tried it again, I would go for parthenocarpic type. I leave the greenhouse door open most of the time so pollination is not a issue.

Original layout of my greenhouse.

Cucumbers on top of waterbench.

Current layout. Spring 2011


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