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Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:07 am
by nakanj
I love greenhouses, so this is great. So first question- I want to use an orthene bomb on our greenhouse this fall before we start the mums. I am having problems with fungus gnats, aphids and snails. I figure this will take care of them all. Any thoughts? :idea:

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 8:31 pm
by Dillbert
>>orthene bomb before we start the mums

actually, probably will not help with any of them.

not even listed as effective on snails.
it's an organophosphate contact pesticide - if the bug is not "present" you don't kill anything. it is not a "preventative" measure.

fungus gnats - don't over water. sitcky traps work.
aphids - insecticidal soap - kills 'em daid.