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question about moving daylilies

I have some dwarf day lilies that haven't bloomed for at least 3 years. I think they need to be moved but I am not sure about where to and when. Any ideas?

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I'd wait until September then divide and make sure you amend the soil and a pinch of bonemeal before planting and make certain they get sun.

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I moved some out of a container they weren't supposed to be growing in. They were growing in the container for three years with very little care because I kept forgetting they weren't weeds. I used the container for weeds and don't know how the daylily got in it. When I saw two were growing this year, I knew it was time to move them into another container or in the ground before they flower.

They went in the ground and haven't been looking too happy, but knowing how tough and resilient they are, I think they will make it. The leaves are all still green. But if I had to do it again, I'd say earlier in the Spring when it isn't so hot. I've never divided mine in the fall, but some people prefer that time depending which source you read or talk to.

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I have luck with daylilies and I move mine whenever I feel like it. No, spring or fall take you pick. As for where, full sun or at least part sun, some where with good drainage but all the daylilies I have ever had haven't been picky about soil, however I would add something depending on what kind of soil you have to amend it I belive someone said bonemeal. If you fertilize do it in spring and it's only necessary to do so once or twice. (myself I am trying to go all organic when it comes to fertilizer) GOOD LUCK :D

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