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Help! Need to move over 200 Perennials

I'm moving and have over 200 perennials that I want to take with me. I'm moving to a new home and have spent sooooooooo much money on all my gardens. I am zone 5 (Lansing, MICH). can I start digging all my perinnials NOW and pot them and replant after the move? I do not want to leave them here. I have so many I can't even begin to tell you..

Iris's, Hosta, Rose Campion, Morning Glory, Roses, Butterfly Bushes, Rose of Sharon Bushes, Peony Bushes, Day lillies, Tiger Lillies, Mums, Black Eyed Susan, Snow on the Mountain, Sweet Peas, Trumpet Vine, Ivy, Astilbe's, Saliva, Lavender, Echinecea (spelling?), Hydrangea, and so many more......

Please help!

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It will be tough on the plants so you may have to prune some back so they aren't too stressed. Easiest will be the Iris. Woody plants you might want to spray with wilt proofing and still prune back. Not the best time to be moving. Make certain that you take plenty of soil and muy water.

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Do you have access to the new plot now? If so perhaps you can set up a temporary staging area there planting everything in a concentrated area and doing the bulk of the re-planting over the coming years. You should have no problem with the Hostas as I have transplanted them in midsummer and they have done very well.


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Make sure you keep plenty of soil around the peonies, roses and ROSs. They don't like a lot of moving, but the bigger the root ball the better they'll do.

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